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Serves the nation from last more than 25 years

At our company, we pride ourselves on providing the best service possible to our clients. Our team is made up of experienced professionals who are dedicated to delivering top-quality service and support to ensure your satisfaction.

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making dream come to life

Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you make your dreams a reality, no matter how big or small. We provide personalized guidance and support throughout the entire process, from brainstorming ideas to bringing your project to life.

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from concept to creation

From vision to reality, our team is here to bring your concepts to life. We specialize in turning ideas into tangible creations through our meticulous process

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Once we are done with the design process and preparations, then the real action starts. We have a dedicated, hardworking, diligent team in our construction company. We will take care of all the construction work. From choosing the right material to choosing the most advanced construction methods by keeping in mind a contingency plan, we will provide you with all the details regarding your construction process.

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Our expertise lies in the fields of engineering, testing, construction, surveying and many other

Construction Supervision

Monitoring and overseeing construction activities and progress on site

Soil Investigation

Examining soil properties to assess suitability for construction

Structural design, Assessment & suitability certification

Evaluating and designing safe and sound buildings and other structures

Piling and testing

Installation of deep foundation support columns for buildings

Material Testing
(Field & lab)

Assessing strength and quality of construction materials in the lab and field

Topographic Survey

Measuring and mapping land contours and features for construction planning

Rectification & Calibration of industrial Tool & Plants

Adjusting and verifying accuracy of equipment and machinery for construction


structures are a temporary solution designed to bypass the existing transmission towers of any voltage in any terrain.

Core extraction & testing

Extracting and analyzing samples from concrete or other materials for testing

Construction/infrastructure development

Multi-story high rise buildings & Infrastructural Development Of Housing Society Like Road Sewerage, Drainage & Water Supply

Destructive & Non Destructive Surveys

In order to understand a specimen's performance or material behavior under different loads

Forensic Geotechnical Investigation

Pecializes in developing reasons for distress in buildings, foundations, retaining walls, slopes, swimming pools, pavements and roads etc

Project Planning, Construction, QA/QC Management

Innovative project planning and expert QA/QC management ensure construction success and industry-leading standards.

- Engineering Plus
Industrial Calibration, Rectification Repairing & Manufacturing

Precision in Industrial Calibration, coupled with efficient Rectification Repairing & Manufacturing expertise, ensures optimal performance and reliability in every aspect of your industrial processes.

- Engineering Plus
Soil Investigation, Core, ERS Topo Survey, Structure Analysis

Comprehensive services in Soil Investigation, Core sampling, ERS Topo Survey, and Structure Analysis ensure a thorough understanding and precision in every aspect of your project's foundation and design.

- Engineering Plus
Property Advisor & Assessment

Trusted Property Advisor providing expert Assessment services, guiding you with precision and insight for informed real estate decisions.

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Alternative Energy

The best solar energy solution in Pakistan to reduce electricity bills and improve business productivity with non-stop power.

Security Services

Security Service has uniformed, disciplined, licensed and professionally trained security officers, each of whom delivers the best security coverage.

Artificial intelligence

Accenture's artificial intelligence (AI) services and solutions help you scale the impact of AI across your business for maximum value.

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